What You Need to Know About DVC & Hurricanes?

I was recently invited to be a part of the My DVC Points podcast related to Walt Disney World and hurricanes. At the time of recording, Hurricane Dorian was still right off the coastline of Florida and we were all waiting for her to turn north. Thankfully, she did!

Now my husband is a police officer, which means if there is a hurricane headed towards us, the police department goes Alpha/Bravo which means he works 12 hour shifts with no days off well after the storm has passed. During Hurricane Irma, he worked 36 hours straight during the storm which meant I was home alone with our son. So when it looked like Hurricane Dorian was headed right towards us, I immediately started to look to evacuate to Walt Disney World. Yes, I know the storm was going to hit the Orlando area too, but as I explain on this podcast, I would much rather “weather” a storm and the aftermath at Walt Disney World than at my home for various reasons. Listen to find out why.

I was able to book a 5 night stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo House using my Disney Vacation Club points when it looked like we would get a direct hit. However, within two days, the storm’s path changed drastically and I was able to call Member Services and cancel without penalty.

The link to the podcast and show notes can be found here. I think we did a great job of also giving information for future storm threats hitting the Walt Disney World Resort area and how to prepare if you are there.


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