Displaying My Minnie Ears!!! DIY

So I currently have about 25 pairs of Minnie Ears. There “may” be more on the way, just don’t tell my husband. Some may say I have an addiction, I just say it’s a healthy obsession that makes me happy.

Until now, I’ve had them stored hanging on two storage bins in my office. But that is no fun. Many of these ears are works of art and need to be displayed. That and I’m terrified my French Bulldog is going to think they are chew toys one day:

I knew I wanted to display them on the wall somehow. I did see a Minnie Ear display shelf on Etsy that I liked, but with shipping was well over $100 and I would need at least two…for now.

Well then one day recently I was watching the Today Show on organizing and they featured this product called The Ultimate Headband Holder and one of the things they displayed was a pair of Mickey ears!!! Um yes please! I immediately ordered one to see if it would work. Two days later (gotta love Amazon Prime), it arrived and I loved it. So I went to order 3 more and SOLD OUT!!! WHAT!!!! I set up an alert and thankfully, they came back in stock within a week.

Setting them up is sooo essy. No hammers,  no nails, just some 3M stickies and you are good to go.

Three 3M stickies line the back of the 24” Ultimate Headband Holder
Just peel and stick

I also didn’t use any tape measure when applying it to the wall, just my eye. Once the ears are on, it’s very forgiving as far as placement, especially since I placed it on a white wall.

All set and waiting for the Minnie Ears

Setting them up took maybe 15 minutes. I am in love with how they turned out. Now I can’t wait to add my ears to my collection so I can add to my wall display!

The final result

The Ultimate Headband Holder comes in 3 sizes, 12”, 16” & 24”. I got the 24”.

4 thoughts on “Displaying My Minnie Ears!!! DIY

  1. Jasmine says:

    Love this!! Defintely need this to add to the room and love that they dont take up desk space!!!

  2. Kelly says:

    Cute display! I love your Chip ‘n’ Dale ears! I haven’t seen those before.

  3. Sarah says:

    I have been searching everywhere for some sort of idea that I liked. This is minimal and still shows them off! So glad I found your page. Thank you!

    1. Shannon Ford says:

      Thanks so much. I have an updated video on YouTube, because I had to add another row. I will be adding it to this website today


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