Our Post-Covid Staycation at Disney’s Riviera Resort checking in on Opening Day!

On June 22, 2020, The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Resorts at Walt Disney World reopened after closing in March due to Covid-19. We arrived on the day they reopened and had a two-night stay at Disney’s Riviera Resort, the newest DVC property which had just opened on December 16, 2019. Here, I give some tips about the resort as well as cover all the changes that have happened as a result of the pandemic.

The matching American Flag masks my son and I wore are from http://www.thisdflove.com I highly recommend them. Extremely comfortable.

The nude mask I’m seen with is from http://www.Skims.com

EDITED: Since someone on YouTube made a comment about me not wearing a mask when I recorded, I wanted to address that. Masks are not required when on the pool deck, exercising or eating at a restaurant. I did have my mask on whenever required and with me in case social distancing wasn’t possible (like at the Splash pad). I did pull it down to speak on camera and only did so when no one else was around. Ex. there was no other guests on our floor in the west tower, not one. I never even saw anyone else on our floor the entire time I was there. Cast members were always making sure guests were complying with the mask requirement, but also didn’t do it in a way that was policing it or made you feel like you were in trouble, more of a friendly reminder. However, most guests that I saw complied without question or hesitation and everyone maintained social distancing. When I am recording and not on camera, my mask was on.

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